Polly will find you parking in the Big City. Whether a parking spot on the street or in a parking lot, she will always save you time, money and unnecessary frustration. When Polly’s app is on, parking dreams are starting to come true.

How does it works ?

Whether you have planed it ahead or just arrived to the destination, Polly enables you to find convenient parking in the area. Just record or type-in your destination or simply ask Polly to find parking around your location (just one click on the map) and the magic begins. Polly will take you to parking spots only she knows or has received information about. She will take you via customized routes, where the probability of finding an on-street-parking spot is high (unless you prefer going straight to a parking lot). She knows all the streets, special parking spots and signs. The more people use it, the better it will get for you.

This sPARK app and its smart algorithm base their search for parking on relevant parking information, users’ data and the magical intuition of the fairy and take you on a planned route near your destination with the highest chances of finding parking. Didn’t find a parking spot? No biggie! Your route will always end up at a recommended parking lot. After finding a parking spot, it will inform you about payment options (such as Pango and Cellopark). Polly knows most of the city parking signs and will even remember where you have parked for your convenience – an all-inclusive service – like a true fairy.

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