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Are you a business owner in a metro area? 

Your business is losing as much as 7% per day in revenue due to parking problems.

Average Yearly Losses:

Industry Examples

Gyms & Fitness Centers

-$23,000 / Year

Art Supply Shops

-$23,000 / Year

-$23,000 / Year


What is the problem?

Finding Parking is Pain

Finding a parking spot is time consuming, expensive, and makes customers avoid your business or opt for your competitor's store instead.

Parking lots cost up to 3 times more than

on-street parking. 


customers become frustrated at the inconvenience of sitting

in traffic or circling around the block again.

What is the Solution?



Spark provides urban businesses with a clickable widget that navigate customers to the cheapest parking spots that are closest to their shop.

How it works?


How do I get it?

How it works?

Our algorithm creates an optimal route that leads to the ideal parking spot, whether it’s on the street or in a lot, whether it’s free or for an hourly fee.


The app also takes care of the payment hassle, and shows customers the way from their cars to your shop.


Get parking 


get walking route 

How it works?

Studies show that parking is directly correlated to business growth. Let your customers enjoy a quick and stress-free parking experience. You will also start to attract new shoppers from a much wider geographical area.

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