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What does the app do?

Finds the ideal parking spots in the big city, either on-the-street or in carparks, and takes you there.

What makes your app different from the competitions?

We provide a comprehensive solution to drivers searching for parking in the big city.

How does it work?

Once the search for parking begins, the app will recommend you with whatever you need to find an ideal parking spot. It locates public and private parking lots, provides information about prices, distances and availability, it creates a personal navigation route for street parking search and provides payment options and on-foot navigation to the meeting place and back to the car. So just, set location, choose your favorite choice and navigate there.

How does the app know my destination? How does it know to send me notifications?

First, we ask you to tell us where would you like to park? The search is based on your location. Notifications are customized by you.

How do you know there is an available parking spot on the street?

We receive our information from several sources that include statistical information and online/ realtime information. We get it via collaboration with local companies in the parking business, and information shared by our drivers' community.

Is your solution based on crowed sourcing?

Our solution extensively uses the information shared by our drivers' community to improve our service. However, the app operates in a way that makes crowed sourcing a constant improvement yet not a 'must' for a successful user experience.

How does your algorithm work?

Our algorithm is based on relevant information sources for parking search and on personal info (resident or not), and the balance between the two.

If I were to look for parking for two hours I will also find one for sure… how do you measure it?

The average parking search time in Paris is about 21 minutes. Using Polly, it takes about half that time. The data was measured by allotting 10 minutes for parking search per driver.

Always? Even if it is 8pm at the center of Tel Aviv?

At 8pm in the center of Paris, the average time climbs to 30-40 minutes, so that in order to reach 78% the driver must use our parking search service for about 20 minutes on average. It should be noted that with Polly, the available parking spots will be closer to your destination.

So, other than finding parking spots, what else does the app do?

It guarantees finding parking in the big city out of choice and convenience while saving you time and money. "Polly" addresses all aspects of parking seeking – from personal recommendations for parking around the destination, locating ideal parking in real time, navigating from departure to the parking spot, information regarding street parking on the way and walking navigation from the car to the destination and back

How do you plan on competing with all the other apps out there?

We provide a unique solution that is free of charge, complete and attractive for large, smart cities. All the big cities across the globe have been waiting for such a solution for a long time. We believe that we cracked the parking negative experience.

So what have you been doing in the past three years? What took so long?

We tackled one of the biggest unsolved problems today that greatly affect our quality of life and we developed a wonderful solution that dramatically improves it.

World's 'parking arena' had many companies with a lot of promises and none were successful. Why you?

There hasn't been any other company in Israel or the world that provides a comprehensive solution to parking. There were and there are players in the field such as information suppliers, parking payment collectors and parking lot operators, but none of them provides a full solution that unites all the players under one roof for user convenience. Recently, sPARK signed on a strategic partnership with OPnGO, the digital arm of Infra Park (the owner of Indigo/ former Vinci, which has presence in 500+ cities worldwide), to build the ultimate parking solution. The two companies will combine their most innovative features into one powerful parking app. The two companies will deploy their solutions in hundreds of cities around the world in the coming years.

Do you use Google Maps?

No, we use HERE Maps. Former NOKIA & NAVTEQ , now owned by German car manufacturers consortium (BMW, MERCEDES VW). We also use TomTom maps.

Wait, why is it asking me to navigate to a parking lot? Isn't it a street parking search?

Polly will recommend for the best parking option nearby, either on-the-street or in carparks. She wants to make sure your meeting starts on time and no extra money is wasted.

Do you also know when the parking lot is full? How?

We do. The best way is an online update from the parking lot. But unfortunately, most parking lots are not computerized. Moreover, each customer of ours that enter a parking lot reports parking availability.

Do you know where my vehicle parks even when I'm not using Polly?

Polly saves your last navigation destination, so you could find your car if you forgot where you left it.

So wait a minute, you know exactly where I can and can't park? Specifically? You can send me notifications if I'm in a no-parking zone?

Polly knows almost all the parking signs in the city and in places considered crowded and problematic. Polly will display this information while navigating the streets.